Payouts: free spins, scatter wins & the jackpots

The Mega Fortune jackpot will change your life. Win Mega Fortune and take home a huge amount of money. You deserve the chance to win, so play the Mega Fortune jackpot today and make a mega fortune!

The three jackpots

Unlike many other slot machines, Mega Fortune offers the chance of winning not only one, but three progressive jackpots. These are the grand prizes you can win:

When you play Mega Fortune you can win more than just one of the jackpots: you can win more play time with the free spin, the symbols and wild symbols. Enjoy the fun, play longer for free and you could also be the Mega jackpot winner. Check the paytable below, you’re onto a winner with Mega Fortune.


Payout in Mega Fortune Main Game
Bet line wins are multiplied by the number of coins bet per bet line. Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except scatters and bonus wins. Scatter wins pay total bet x multiplier.

Payout during Mega Fortune Free Spin
The number of Mega Fortune free spins won and the free spin win multiplier vary depending on the scatter selected by the player when entering free spins. Multipliers are added to a maximum value of 5.

Jackpot Payout
All Mega Fortune jackpot winnings are based on the value of the particular jackpot at the start of the bonus game.

Bet Lines

Slot machine bet lines

Megafortune High Value Symbols

Champagne - Scatter Wheel - Bonus Ship - Wild
Champagne symbol# Multiplier + Other
5 100 x bet
   + Free spins
4 10 x bet
   + Free spins
3 3 x bet
   + Free spins
2 2 x bet
   + Free spins
Wheel symbol (bonus)# Multiplier + Other
5 Bonus Game
4 Bonus Game
3 Bonus Game

Wild symbol# Multiplier + Other
5 10000
4 1000
3 100
2 10


Megafortune Medium Value Symbols

Limo Money Watch Cigar
Limo symbol# Multiplier
5 1000
4 200
2 30
2 2
Money symbol# Multiplier
5 500
4 100
3 25

Watch symbol# Multiplier
5 300
4 50
3 15

Cigar symbol# Multiplier
5 200
4 40
3 10


Megafortune Low Value Symbols

A symbol# Multiplier
5 150
4 20
3 5

K symbol# Multiplier
5 125
4 20
3 5

Q symbol# Multiplier
5 100
4 15
3 4

J symbol# Multiplier
5 75
4 10
3 3